Tiger Muay Thai Phuket Facility Overview & Walkthrough

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Tiger Muay Thai is a huge camp, that provides everything you need for your stay here. Next to all the training areas, there is a variety of accommodations, the famous Tiger Grill Restaurant, and the Front Office.

TMT Front Office

If you want to rent a scooter, extend your visa, need a cab, or want to buy some equipment for your training… whatever you need, the front office is the first place you should head.

From 7am – 8pm Monday -Saturday and 11 am-5 pm on Sunday, the front office has a rental service where you can rent a car, scooter or superbike. If you want to explore Phuket on your own, it is definitely worth getting your own scooter for your time here.

The shop in the Front Office has all the training gear and equipment you need for Muay Thai, MMA or fitness. We are equipped with a full line of Musashi supplements, T shirts, shorts, and a basic pharmacy. For everything else you might need, our office staff will gladly help you with any request or problem.

Tiger Grill & Restaurant

Now this is not camp food, the Tiger Gill is a straight restaurant with a large menu to choose from. Even people who not train at TMT come here to eat. At the Tiger Grill the focus is set on healthy food. With a variety of protein shakes, bars, and fruits, Tiger Grill offers everything you need to build muscle, and help you lose fat. Our guests at Tiger have the opportunity to get a weekly, or monthly healthy meal plan for the Tiger Grill, which also cuts down your food expenses

TMT Dorm Rooms

Welcome back to college! Our standard dorm style rooms come with shared bathrooms, toaster, microwave, fridge and kettle. Each room is equipped with a wall-rack to hang your clothes, twin-size bed, storage drawers, valuables safe, full-size fan and toilet paper/soap/water refreshed every other day. This is our most economical accommodation option.

Fighter’s Budget Rooms

The Fighter’s Budget Rooms are conveniently located next to our MMA training center. These studio rooms are larger in size than our dorm rooms, while also having a small porch with a nice view of training, as well as your own fridge and television w/DVD player. With the exception of these few added perks, the rest of this accommodation is similar to that of our dorm rooms.

Standard Gym Bungalows

If you’re looking for an upgrade to air-conditioning, hot water and private bathroom, then this accommodation is for you! Located just off the MMA Cage, our deluxe bungalows are upgraded to a queen-size bed, personal microwave, larger fridge, deluxe closet space, and a large porch area with a beautiful view of the camp’s nature.

Training Areas

Of course the focus at TMT is set on training. And we take that serious! With a indoor gym, training areas for Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, Western Boxing, Krabi Krabong, Cross Training/Bodyfit, and a outdoor freeweights lifting area, you will find everything you need to get in shape, lose weight, or train to be a fighter.

Our Muay Thai rings are divided in-between four areas based on skill level:

Beginner’s Muay Thai Training Area

We’ve won the award for Best Gym for Foreigners two years running due to our ability to host students from around the world with many different fitness goals. Whether you’re a casually training vacationer, fitness junkie, martial arts learner or aspiring fighter, our Beginner’s Training Area is a great place to start your journey.

Intermediate Muay Thai Training Area

You’ll know you’re doing something right if you’ve made it here. In this area you’ll find a lot less shadowboxing and a lot more pad rounds on bags and with our trainers. You’ll also find there’s plenty of room to operate with two huge mat spaces and two professional Muay Thai rings to ensure personal attention during your training.

Advanced Muay Thai Training Area

If you’re planning a long stay with us or thinking of going pro then this is the area you’ll really want to aspire to. In this area we offer yet another Muay Thai ring and additional mat space, although our classes here are smaller to ensure the appropriate level of training. You’ll also find some of our most experienced and decorated Muay Thai instructors in this area, so please use caution while walking by!

Fighter’s Ring & PRO Training Area

In addition to our in-house TMT sponsored fighters you’ll also find pro fighters training here from all around the world. Don’t be surprised if you see Georges St-Pierre getting in some pad rounds before hitting the weights room. Please keep in mind this area is by invite only, regardless of your current level of training.

MMA Octagon Training Cage

The TMT MMA Cage offers students the opportunity to experience real MMA sparring along with top-quality private lessons featuring real MMA wall-work and take-down instruction.

Indoor Wrestling/BJJ/MMA Area

Our three world class mma and bjj instructors are located here to ensure you the highest quality training experience in Wrestling, BJJ or MMA. We feature Dollamur Mats, the mat of choice for the USA Wrestling Program. This area has hosted a wide range of UFC veterans, all having put their trust in TMT time after time to develop their careers.

Indoor Weights Room

If you want to put on some muscle, you are right here! In our gym we have a variety of machines, and free weights at the disposal. We offer private body-building training along with professional diet and exercise regimen design to ensure you get the best results from your efforts and dedication.

Body Fit & Cross-Training Area *

This is where you get fit! Our professional fitness trainers are ambitious to make you stronger, faster and better, no matter in what condition you are right now. If you want to loose some kilos, get in shape, put on some muscle, or simply get fitter, with weights and bodyweight workouts, Body Fit & CrossFit are the fastest way to see results.

* This Facility is closed at 8PM. Only Tiger Muay Thai Official Staff is granted Access after 8PM. Please plan your workouts accordingly. Please replace all equipment after use. Use of equipment outside normal class times is subject to staff discretion. Thank you very much.

As you see, our facility offers everything you will need here in phuket. Still only minutes away from the TMT Camp, you can find all sorts of restaurants, grocery shops and massage places.

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