Muay Thai, Thaiboxing & MMA at Tiger Muay Thai training camp, Phuket, Thailand

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Nestled in the tropical backdrop of Phuket, Thailand lies the world-renowned Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp. The globe’s biggest and most recognized Muay Thai training facility, professional fighters and fitness enthusiasts from across the world travel here to develop their skills and to change their lives.

Hidden on a sidestreet amongst coconut palms and banana trees, Tiger Muay Thai has fast become a training ground for the world’s most elite and dominant athletes. Continually featured on documentaries, travel shows and throughout a variety of mass media outlets, Tiger has gained a well-deserved reputation as the premier destination for Muay Thai, MMA and fitness training.


UFC Superstar George St Pierre Training at Tiger Muay Thai.

There are no limits as to what you can achieve at TMT. Whether you are a seasoned professional athlete looking for that extra edge or whether you are a beginner with no idea where to start, Tiger will take care of you. We offer programs for everyone regardless of their fitness level, size or physical limitations.

Couple our affordable classes with the positive and supportive atmosphere of a camp set in the unbelievable scenery of Phuket’s sand and sea, and you have a winning formula that cannot be replicated.

This is just a taste of what we offer:

Authentic and Traditionally-based Muay Thai Training for Everyone


We offer Muay Thai training suitable for everyone and all levels.

Tiger Muay Thai strives to keep the Muay Thai training we offer 100% authentic. We respect Thai tradition and that reverence runs deeply throughout our classes and around our camp. You won’t find a watered down version of the “Art of Eight Limbs” here.

Visit the source of this deadly martial art and see it in all of its glory.

Our legendary Muay Thai classes are broken down into beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional invite-only ring and run simultaneously twice per day.

Expect sessions to go for approximately 2.5 hours and teach traditional and fundamental fighting techniques including kicking, knees, elbows, boxing (Thaiboxing) skills, the famed Muay Thai clinch, combinations, and of course, ring fitness and conditioning.

Each class has between 7-8 trainers supervising to ensure that every person gets individualized attention and learns proper technique.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & BJJ Training from & with the Best


Chri Vamos and a few of the Team Fighters after a afternoon No-Gi Class.

Our MMA Training Program is overseen and run by UFC and Bellator Veteran Roger Huerta.

His sessions focus on a wide-variety of techniques which will combine your grappling, wrestling and striking skills into a efficient combination. Our MMA program has developed the skills of professional fighters from fight promotions around the world and Team TMT have several fighters fighting in the UFC.

Our BJJ classes are run by Christopher Vamos, Black Belt in 2010 under Professor Joe D’Arce (3rd Degree Black Belt under Renzo Gracie and famous for the famous D’Arce Choke). Chris believes that BJJ is for everyone and is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through Martial Arts training. He is on the mat training and rolling with his students everyday, and is fully dedicated to teach everyone willing to learn.

Fitness Training for incredible weight-loss and cardio


Bodyfit off-site Bootcamp Class in the hills overlooking Naiharn Beach.

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA is one of Asia’s premiere weight-loss camps. Our dedicated team of fitness professionals can help blast away that unwanted fat and get you in the best shape of your life. Whether it’s through Muay Thai, MMA, Western Boxing or any of our countless fitness classes, we provide the ideal environment for unearthing the strength and fitness you never knew you possessed. Take a look at Training for Weight-Loss to get to know how you can kick start your weight-loss jorney.

Sweat it out with Tiger’s fitness trainers who are known for stripping fat and creating cardio machines! Hit the beach like you’ve never done before with cross-training BodyFit Bootcamp classes.

Feel the burn amidst sand, sun and sea! Hike up to the Big Buddha alongside elephants and monkeys while you drag tires and push yourself to the limit!

Need an even more hardcore approach? Hit up our intense Cross-Training, Olympic Lifting and Combat Conditioning workouts in the afternoons and we’ll have you aching in places you didn’t know existed!


Peter in the indoor fully equipped and air-conditioned weight training facility.

Build muscle and gain strength with guest favorite Peter “The Thai Hulk”. Enter his weight-room domain and see just what hard-work and dedication can develop. Peter’s no-nonsense attitude and easy smile, is just the push guests need to take their body to the next level. His nutritional plans will ensure that your abs are made in the kitchen!

Have dreams of competing in bodybuilding? Peter has competed throughout the Asian circuit and will create a plan that will have you strutting your stuff on stage in no time!

A Positive, Supportive Atmosphere to Develop and Grow


Guests, trainers and staff partying at one of our monthly BBQ Beatdowns Events.

And it is not only sweat and hard work, you can also join most of our guests, trainers and staff in our monthly BBQ Beatdown Event, an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet, amateur Muay Thai and MMA fights, live music, DJ, and much more.

Above all, we here at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp see ourselves as a family. We foster positive change and want to help you create the very best version of yourself.

We believe that every person has the capacity to be extraordinary if they are given the right environment.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or how fit you are. It just matters that you start. There are no judgments when it comes to your size, your abilities or your fitness level. Come as you are!

We are here to help you change your life.
We can't promise you that it will be easy, but we do promise you that it'll be worth it!
Are You Ready?