A lot would probably think that the former Miss America 2012 and Onnit Sponsored Athtlete Whitney Miller went from being a beauty queen to venturing in sports and Mixed Martial Arts when it’s actually the other way around.

Whitney Miller was a born and raised Texan. Graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Communications and currently reside in Austin TX.

” When I first told my family I wanted to compete in a pageant they were in shock. I was already super busy competing in just about every sport I could. I’ve litereally been playing sports since I was four years old. I grew up with two older brothers and parents that were both professional athletes so you can say, competition is in my blood.”

” Throughout high school, I played varsity soccer, ran cross country and track, was a cheerleader, competitive surfer and dabbled in sailing. Once I moved to central Texas and away from the coast, I picked up lake sports like wakeboarding and wakesurfing. A year later, I became a professional wakesurfer and had a pro model board on the market. Pageantry is something I spontaneously jumped into.It’s been a crazy ride but one I wouldn’t give up for the world.”

In 2005, during her sophomore year in high school, a friend asked her to compete in the Miss Corpus Christi Teen USA pageant and being the competitive person that she is, she went for it!

” That was my first pageant and to my surprise I walked away with the crown! From there I competed once more in a larger state pageant but in the end decided I wanted to focus more on high school sports.”

During her junior year in college, she also competed in professional wake surfing , when once again, she got asked by a girlfriend e to compete in the Miss Texas United States pageant the following weekend.

” Honestly, right off the bat I declined the offer but ultimately accepted the challenge and with a borrowed dress won the title of Miss Texas United States 2012 and walked away with the Best in Swimsuit award.”

A few months later, she was crowned Miss United States 2012!

” I knew I would regret not competing for the Miss Texas US title and looking back I can’t imagine how different.”

Whitney has a lot to be proud of after winning Miss Texas USA 2012 and bagging the Best in Swimsuit then winning Miss USA 2012 to becoming a REEF spokesmodel and currently an ONNIT Honor Roller.

Onnit Labs also sponsors TMT’s Wrestling Coach Roger Huerta and its mission is to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products Combining bleeding-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested strategies from top athletes and medical professionals, They are dedicated to providing customers with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being that they call Total Human Optimization.

ONNIT WEBSITE: (www.onnit.com)

Onnit has been Whitney’s sponsor from the beginning. As Miss Texas United States 2012, she was searching for companies to sponsor the trip to Miss United States. Her personal trainer at the time mentioned a young, all natural supplement company located in Austin Texas, and thought they would be a perfect fit her. Later on she met Aubrey Marcus, the CEO of Onnit, and was fortunate enough to become an Onnit Honor Roller.

” Without Onnit, this transformation from beauty queen to fighter wouldn’t be the same and I am forever grateful for their continue support!”

According to Whitney, Onnit is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. They work to produce the best products available and truly focus on bettering their customers’ lives. She has personally never experienced this type of mission in any other supplement company.

” Onnit products work. I’ve taken various supplements that promise positive results but in actuality they only pump my body with stimulants and leave me depleted in the middle of my workout. Not optimal.”

The Onnit Honor Roller Miller has also been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it has been her focus for the last year or so.

” I can’t say it was something I fell in love with immediately because the sport is rough. Its not always fun and its certainly not always easy but being challenged has always been a craving of mine.”

” I started falling in love with BJJ a few months in when I started looking at rolling like a game or a puzzle that I had to figure out. The physicality of the sport is rough, of course, but the mental aspect is on a whole new level. When I realized the type of mindset you had to bring to the mat and how this carried over into everyday life, I was addicted and knew I would earn a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. ”

Whitney Miller has currently been training under Tiger Muay Thai MMA Coaches Brian Ebersole, Roger Huerta and also Head BJJ Coach 5th Degree Blackbelt Fernando Maccachero and she has been using Onnit products to help her with her training supplement needs.

“I don’t leave the house without ShroomTech Sport, AlphaBrain, and DigestTech so of course it shouldn’t surprise you that I transported these to Thailand with me.

” Honestly, the training at Tiger has been some of the most grueling sessions I’ve ever had and without my Onnit necessities I don’t know if I would have finished some of the classes.”

That may sound a bit dramatic to some but once you try ShroomTech before a workout you will absolutely understand what I’m talking about.”

ShroomTech sport is a non-stimulant based pre workout formula that easily Whitney an extra round in BJJ and MMA sparring.
AlphaBrain is also apart of her pre-training cocktail.

” If you have ever trained BJJ, or MMA you know that mental sharpness is just as important as being physically prepared. When I take ShroomTech and AlphaBrain before training, I have the energy for multiple rounds and the mental focus to understand what needs to be done and what is being asked from my trainers. Onnit makes you an unstoppable force!”
From Beauty Queen to engaging in Fight Sports, she says that it pushed peoples boundaries of what they think is right and wrong. And this is one of the reasons why she started Mixed Martial Arts training.

” I want people to understand that none of us, regardless of our past, have to stay in the box that society puts us in. We are capable of doing anything! Sure, I’ve received some criticism but that is to be expected and most of the time, its from people that don’t understand the journey. Overall, I have to say its been an amazingly transformative time not only for myself but also for people following along. I’m hoping it allows people to think outside of the box and inspire them to push their own boundaries.”

When asked about how her training is going at Tiger Muay Thai.

” I’ve visited quite a few training facilities and Tiger Muay Thai ranks among the top! You are surrounded by top level athletes and trainers all looking to sharpen their skills but are also willing to help the beginners interested in the sport. I loved the fact that there are multiple training areas. Most gyms have one specified training area but Tiger is a full compound equipped with four training rings, BJJ and MMA room, and a cross fit area. It has everything you could ever want! And its impossible to ignore the fact that its located in paradise! There is no doubt; I will be return within a year!”

Follow Whitney Miller on Twitter and Instagram: @Miss2jits

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