Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Camp welcomes top New Zealand Muay Thai/K-1 fighter Brad Ridell to the TMT fight team.

At only 22 year old, Brad has been a professional fighter for 4 years with a record of 36 fights with 31 wins, 18 of which came by knock out. He has already picked up 5 titles: WMC New Zealand Middleweight Title, Oceanina Super 8 Middleweight Title, HK Commonwealth Middleweight Title, CIK Chinese K-1 Title and the WKBF Middleweight World Title.

Brad is from New Zealand and trained at City Leegar Auckland Phillip Lam. He was also into rugby before becoming a pro-fighter.

He is currently preparing the Max Muay Thai 72.5 Kg 4-man tournament on the 7th of September, the winner of which will qualify for the Max Muay Thai finals at the end of the year. He also has 2 other fights lined up ; the Oceania Middleweight 4 Man Tournament in Melbourne, Australia on October 10th and then a fight on in Adelaide on November 10th.

Brad has trained at Tiger several times in the past before joining the fight team. When asked about what he likes about being at TMT…

” Tiger allows me to fully focus on the fights ahead with no other distractions or stress such as work and worrying about bills at home. I can also create my own training schedule and get the required rest. For my upcoming tournaments, I hope to work towards learning and developing more as a young fighter.”

Brad also aspires to compete in for the Glory World Series kickboxing tournament. He lists one of his big inspirations as John Wayne Parr because of his commitment, never give up attitude and giving everything back to the sport. Brad fought John Wayne Parr last year in a great fight that many people want to see a rematch of. Brad is also a big fan of Muay Thai superstar Buakaw.

Follow Brad on
Instagram : http://instagram.com/Quakeriddell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bradquakeriddell

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