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Vegetarian Festival Parade for Tiger Muay Thai Guests, October 23, 2009


33Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp guests will be taking part in the 2009 Phuket Vegetarian Festival and Parade in downtown, Phuket, Thailand on October 23, 2009.

45Guests are asked to wear all white and their will be plenty of opportunities for pictures and video during the parade, fireworks and as “initiates” and participants that pierce their cheeks with knives, swords, and a wife variety of objects and march through the parade route to show heir devotion.

This is one of the biggest events in Phuket each year and concludes with the parade abd festivities downtown on 23rd.

42Tiger Muay Thai has two Vans reday to go early on the morning of October 23 with transportation to Phuket Town and a guest relations manager to help guide the tour and get to the best spots for pictures and participation.

Have a great time.

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