Dana White looks good in Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Gear

With MMA in the process of becoming legal in the State of New York, UFC 128-held just across the way in New Jersey was a highly publicized fight card. Featuring a Championship bout with 24 year old Superstar Jon ‘Bones’ Jones against current UFC LHW Champion ‘Shogun’ and the introduction of Uriah Faber into the UFC promotion 128 was one of the more star packed fight cards of 2011.

During the official event weigh in’s Dana White surprised everyone by wearing a custom made Tiger Muay Thai T-shirt. The UFC and Dana White have been very supportive of the Tiger Muay Thai family, generously donating 50,000USD to cover the costs of a life saving Liver Transplant needed for the daughter of Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket’s Lumpinee Champion instructor Rattanachai. TMT will also be featured in an upcoming UFC the Magazine article, which spotlights training camps for people looking to train in Combative Fitness Martial Arts around the world. (keep an eye on news stands for that)

The entire Tiger Muay Thai family would like to continue extending an offer for Dana White to come and visit the facilities and train under our Champion instructors first hand.

Having a framed picture of UFC President and MMA Pioneer Dana White wearing a Tiger Muay Thai T-shirt for the first Championship fight for Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, a fighter many consider to be the first ‘Muhammad Ali’ of the MMA era–is a priceless gift and was appreciated by everyone at the gym.