The wins keep stacking up for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand as three fighters came away with victories Sunday night at Bangla Boxing Stadium.

New York City native Matthew Semper, fresh off his win in at the WPMF Queen’s Birthday event in Bangkok, fought a tough five round bout with a familiar foe in Pechdan of Thailand.

The 24 year-old took some time to get going and waited until the third round to unleash serious hits on his opponent, eventually landing heavy knees and punches to the body. The punishment clearly had an affect on Pechdan who seemed to slow down his punches as the fight progressed. The latter part of the bout saw a lot of clinching with both men landing several knee shots.

In the fifth round, Semper took Pechdan to the ground and delivered several low kicks that seemed to solidify a victory in the judge’s eyes. This is the third time the men have met as Semper now leads the series with 2-1.

Earlier in the night, 19 year-old Justin Doabosiff put away his Thai opponent, Veerachai, in the second round with a KO after a barrage of body shots. Doabosiff bloodied up Veerachai, 29, after a combination that ended with a strong elbow to the forehead.

“I kept pressing him and pushing the pace on him, and he got backed into the corner,” Doabosiff said. “At that point, I think it was in the second round, I just took my shots.”

The victory comes just a week after Doabosiff came away with a KO victory in the first round just one week ago.

TMT fighter Sorndang, a 20 year-old fighter, defeated Palungsing with a strong elbow to the head in the first round. Sorndang dominated the fight from the get-go and never let his opponent rest.