By helping others you help yourself. Call it Karma or just looking out for those that look out for you. The BBQ Beatdowns at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand, now on it’s 36th event.

Started more than 3-years-ago with a little BBQ, some Sangria, little music and only about 12-15 people enjoying a nice Phuket evening.

Today the BBQ Beatdown’s at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA have not only turned into full moon party, live music, DJ’s, smoker fights, UFC previews, but they have also taken a turn to helping others in need.

Little more than a year ago, TMT / MMA Phuket alumni Jonathan Chan suffered a serious head injury while in a MMA fight in Australia immediately after leaving training with us.

It didn’t take long before a paypal account and Facebook page were created and TMT staff started collecting a “Help Jonathan Chan Fund” to pay for his hospital bills.

It was hard to believe how many guests gave from their hearts even though they might not have known Jonathan. At that months BBQ Beatdown, MMA coach Ray Elbe spearheaded more fundraising with auctions of MMA gear, private lessons and more.

It was at that point we realized that Tiger Muay Thai and MMA along with our BBQ Beatdowns and guests generosity with more than 250 people showing up at the BBQ Beatdowns we knew we could make a difference.

Enter Grainne Farrel of Lotus Medical International: A miracle maker!

Enter UFC president Dana White: A man with a heart of gold!

Enter the hundreds of Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp guests, friends and staff that worked and donated time and money to help those in need.

A moment that changed lives around the world!

4 X Lumpinee Muay Thai Champion Rattanachai, a favorite trainer at TMT, had his life thrown into disaster when his young daughter 7-month-old Tuptim was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. Tuptim and her mother would have to travel to one of Thailand’s best hospitals quickly if it was going to be possible to save young Tuptim’s life.

Needing an extremely costly operation to save her life and costly medicine for her to hang on until the operation, the TMT Team led by Grainne Farrel, Will Elliott, Danny Baci, UFC / Strikeforce MMA fighter Roger Heurta, and so many others hit the pavement to find a way to save this young girls life.

Flyers went out asking for funds. Websites were built. Facebook, Twitter, and Paypal accounts were established. Emails went out by the hundreds. TMT staff, guests, and those that cared worked tirelessly.

Money was being donated, funds were rising, and time was running out.

A hero arrived. A thread on MMA.Tv was answered by UFC president and philanthropist Dana White. he immediately said he would contribute the $ 50,000 + needed for the operation. Working hand-in-hand with Grainne, the operation was a great success and a child life was saved. No greater gift is there in the world.

It was then we realized that there were others that could use help. So the BBQ Beatdown and TMT have turned our monthly events and BBQ into fundraisers for those in need.

TMT trainer Watt needed an operation to repair problems to his eyes. Again Grainne and TMT guests and staff hit the pavement and began raising funds including a fundraiser on the Lady Anita of Serenity Terraces and 88-East Beach lounge from long-term TMT patron.

Watt’s operation was a success, and TMT has moved on to other trainers like original TMT trainer Nazee and his ear problem. Others will surely follow as we look to establish the BBQ Beatdown not only as a good time event each month for our guests but a good way to help those in need.

For those interested, Rattanachai or Kru Nai will be back at TMT this week as his daughter’s recovery continues.

Tiger Muay Thai, and Myself, William Mcnamara, would like to personally thank all of the wonderful people that have helped change and save the lives of those less fortunate. God Bless you all!!