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training fitness trainers Sam Bastin

Fitness Trainer Sam Bastin

Nick Name: "Sledgehammer"

True success is what you design it to be, whatever success you have is about aiming for progression not perfection.

Sam Bastin has been involved in the fitness field for over 10 years, from being a manager and fitness coach for Crossfit ACFC Australia before moving to Phuket Thailand.

  • Experience:
  • Management Role at CrossFit ACFC 4+ years
  • Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Qualified Cross-training instructor
  • Qualified Bootcamp Instructor
  • Qualified TRX and Kettle bell instructor
  • Amateur / Professional Boxing Coach
  • Qualified Cert 3&4 Fitness Instructor
  • Specializations:
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Boxing techniques
  • Achievements:
  • 17+ years martial arts experience
  • 10+ years amateur boxing experience
  • Regional title holder
  • Golden gloves semi-finalist
  • N.S.W ABA state title holder
  • 10+ years Professional MMA experience
  • Current Australian Combat 8 featherweight champion.
  • 35 Amateur Boxing bouts
  • 7 Pro Boxing bouts
  • 14 Professional MMA matches

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