training mma & bjj trainers Chris Vamos
Tiger Muay Thai Head BJJ Trainer Chris Vamos

MMA & BJJ Trainer Chris Vamos - Head BJJ Coach

Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge

Christopher Vamos began training in the Martial Arts at the age of 5 years old, and has been consistent in his training since. Before starting Brazilian Jiujitsu Chris already achieved Black Belt Level in Kempo Karate, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and was very active and accomplished in the NY Traditional Martial Arts Circuit Tournaments.

Chris discovered Brazilian Jiujitsu in 2002 and finally found what he was looking for. He worked hard for eight years and Achieved the rank of Black Belt in 2010 under Professor Joe D’Arce (3rd Degree Black Belt under Renzo Gracie and famous for the famous D’Arce Choke). Chris also achieved his 1st degree in January 2013 and his 2nd degree in March 2016 from Joe D’Arce.

Chris began teaching in 2005 as a purple belt and quickly became known for his dedication to the art and ability to teach others from beginners to advanced students. Later, he and his brother Alex Vamos, opened their own BJJ academy, Vamos Mixed Martial Arts, in Long Island New York and have taught 1000’s of students throughout the years. Vamos MMA has become very popular in NY and is considered one of the most reputable gyms for training in Brazilian Jiujitsu as well as Muay Thai and MMA. Their team has become very successful in MMA and BJJ competitions.

Besides being a Martial Artist, Chris also has his Masters’ Degree in Mathematics and was previously a teacher at the High School and University level.

Chris believes that BJJ is for everyone and is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through Martial Arts training. He is on the mat training and rolling with his students everyday, and is fully dedicated to teach everyone willing to learn.

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