Brad Quake Riddell

This Friday it all goes down at the much anticipated fight between Tiger Muay Thai’s own Bradley ‘Quake’ Riddell from New Zealand and Maseh Nuristani from Australia at the Dubai Duty Free Stadium April 17th 2015.

Global Fighting Champtionship is a venue that presents some of the most exciting international fights and thrills in the spectacular city of Dubai. With a reputation for having the best entertainment showcasing world class athletes, Bradley is sure to thrill the audiences.

This has been a well prepared fight for both Bradley and Maseh and perfect spotlight to display their talents in the ring.

Bradey has already picked up 5 titles: WMC New Zealand Middleweight Title, Oceanina Super 8 Middleweight Title, HK Commonwealth Middleweight Title, CIK Chinese K-1 Title and the WKBF Middleweight World Title. GFC will make a nice addition to this fighters already impressive career.

Global Fighting Champtionship Belt

Here we can see the competing athletes dressed to the nines for a press conference earlier. Showcasing the GFC Grand Belt that is pure gold and dazzling with hundreds of diamonds. As you can imagine this is the most expensive combat sport belt in the world.

” Tiger allows me to fully focus on the fights ahead with no other distractions or stress such as work and worrying about bills at home. I can also create my own training schedule and get the required rest. For my upcoming tournaments, I hope to work towards learning and developing more as a young fighter.”

Bradley ‘Quake’ Riddell


Best of Luck Bradley! Go Team Tiger!!