Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp welcomes back UFC and Brazilian Top Team Canada Fighter Patrick Cote.

Pat who has a professional record of 21-8 fights out of Montreal with BTT Canada and according to him, he does travel around different training camps for his fight preparation.

” I always travel during my training camp but now, Tiger Muay Thai is the place I go to for a lot of reasons. I enjoy the weather, the training, it is affiliated with Brazilian Top Team and there are a lot of high-level fighters that come from all over the world.”

For his next UFC fight, he will be up against Stephen Thomson in UFC 178 on September 27, 2014 in Las Vegas. TMT’s Head MMA Coach Brian Ebersole will also be on the same card.

Cote went to Tiger in preparation for his previous fight against UFC Fighter and TUF Australia Coach Kyle Noke. He won his fight as well as UFC Fighters Elias Theodorou and Richard Walsh who came at the same time as Pat.

” A lot of my friends have come to TMT. My Muay Thai trainer used to train at Tiger as well so I came and it went pretty well for me.I won my last fight and so I decided to come back.”

Pat who also enjoys surfing was in the army before becoming a full-time professional fighter/ athlete.

” I love to surf a lot, I also enjoyed watching boxing on TV and really wanted to try it so I went for it!”

When asked about what inspires him as a fighter…

“With all the years behind me in this sport, I really want to do my best every time. I made my name in this sport. I am inspired by my training partners who push me hard to get ready for a fight.”

” Big thanks to Hayabusa, Fear the Fighter, My team BTT, CoreXellence, Kru Ash, Grant Boxing and Tiger Muay Thai! ”

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