April is going to be an exciting month for TMT guests.

April is the traditional start of the wet or low season. Wet in two ways. From the monsoon rainy season which is typical short hard showers and then hot humid days or a few straight days of drizzle rain.

April is the Month for Songkran Water Festival (One of the biggest and most fun holidays of the whole year in all of Thailand. Tiger Muay Thai will be closed April 12-13 for Songkran giving our trainers a chance to see their families on this important Thai holiday.
Others will be welcome to join us out front of TMT with water guns, plastic garbage cans filled with ice water or on the road as we travel around Phuket in the TMT 4 X 4 drenching everyone with buckets of ice cold water. For more info see: http://www.phuket.com/festival/songkran.htm

With the change of winds, April is the beginning of Surf season in Phuket. Phuket has lots good beaches for Surfing, board rentals, and the annual competition held in Kata. See: http://www.saltwater-dreaming.com/

April 10-12 is Phuket Bike week as Bikers from all over the world join in the annual Phuket festival with Motorbikes of every kind and design see http://www.phuketbikeweek.com

The coming of low season means less guests at TMT and more one-on-one time for guests training at the camp. TMT has regular guests that show up each year in April -August for daily one-on-one Muay Thai training.

So Welcome to all the guests attending Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp this April and low season, it is going to be an exciting month