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TMT posts 3 wins at Nai Harn Festival Muay Thai fights; Ngoo KO’s Sinbi fighter


dsc_1850Tiger Muay Thai fighters dominated the Muay Thai fights held at the Nai Harn Buddhist temple festival held last night in Nai Harn. TMT fighters went 3-0 as Jonny and Ngoo scored 2nd round KO’s and Khanit won a tough fight against a hard opponent on points over 5-rounds.

Jonny started the night with his 3rd straight win since his return from injury with a fantastic 2nd round KO with a knee to the chin of his bigger and more experienced Thai opponent. It was a tough first round, but Jonny stepped up his game going to his guns with a strong clinch and knee attack pulling his opponent’s head down and nailing him with a knee strike that left his opponent dazed forcing the referee to stop the fight.dsc_1860

Ngoo scored the KO of the night with a Muay thai kick to the jaw catching his opponent from Sinbi, another local camp, on the sweet spot and knocking him out completely. It looked to be a good Muay thai fight shaping up with the fighter from Korea until Ngoo landed the vcious kick that left the Sinbi fighter on the canvas for nearly 10 minutes.

dsc_2002Khanit rouned out the evening for the 3rd win for TMT in a pitched battle with a strong Muay Thai fighter. Khanit won on points over 5-rounds.

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