dsc_7711It was a Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training camp evening through and through as TMT fighters racked up 4 wins with 3 KO’s at Patong Muay Thai Stadium, Phuket, Thailand December 8, 2008.

Yohan started the evening off with his 2nd first round KO beating a young Muay Thai fighter and proving too strong despite Yohan’s lesser experience as he took advantage of his better boxing skills dropping his opponent twice before the referee stopped the fight.

dsc_7743New Tiger Muay Thai fighter and trainer, Khanit stunned the oddsmakers who had made him a %:1 underdog and beat former Muay Thai Champion Sudsakorn with 200+ Muay Thai fights over a 5-round points decision. Khanit, a student of Ajarn Mac has a Bangkok Style fight game and took the fight to the super fit opponent Sudsakorn.

dsc_7779Andy, who trained had for his fight at Tiger Muay Thai with our professional Muay Thai trainers, made short work of his fight despite getting scored on early with kicks as two-minutes into the first round Andy let loose with a leaping “Superman” punch that dropped his favored and taller Thai opponent flat out on the canvas for the count.

dsc_7825Karolis, in his 2nd knockut for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand, rounded out the evening by beating another foreigner from a local camp. The fight started out even as each fighter landed some hard shots and kicks, but Karolis took over in the 2nd round and landed some devastating knees to the side and ribs of his opponent forcing him to retire with possible broken ribs in the 3rd round.