It was a perfect night for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand last Tuesday (Dec. 4th), as all four nak muays (Muay Thai fighters) representing the camp scored victories at Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong, Phuket, Thailand.

First up was homegrown talent Pechdam, who has been on a winning streak since coming back to the camp just two months ago. Pechdam, a veteran of over 100 fights, took care of his opponent Mongkolchai, also of Thailand. It was a grind-it-out bout with both fighters getting their shots in, though Pechdam came out with a victory by decision.

Fighting for the third time in Thailand, American Jennifer Tate took on 31-year-old Emily Huang-Ramirez. Tate took control early with some heavy shots to her opponent’s face and followed it up with some knees from the clinch. For three rounds the ladies kept at it, but it was Tate who won the bout after Huang-Ramirez’s corner threw in the towel at the start of the fourth round.

TMT trainer Nazee took on Dantai of Rawai in a round-one victory for the 35-year-old. Nazee started off a bit rusty when he fell after attempting a front kick, but came back with a strong left kick and right hook combo that sent his opponent to the mat. The thud sounds from Nazee’s punches could be heard throughout the stadium as he kept up a steady flow of kick/punch combinations.

Nazee finished off his opponent with two knee shots to the face at the end of the first round.

In the final fight of the night, Kevin Foster won his second bout in a week after taking care of Wihoknoi of Thailand. The 26-year-old Englishman fought at a fast pace, trading hard kicks and knee shots, but eventually won with a strong right elbow to the face in the fourth round of the fight.