It was an exciting night of fights at Patong Mua Thai stadium on September 18, 2008 as Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp fighters Cyrus, Fahpratan, and Robert Lek headlined the Muay Thai fight card for the evening.

Fahpratan fought a hard fight coming off fighting just last week, and lost on points decision to veteran fighter from Surat Thani. Fahpratan had won 5-fights-in-a-row and is looking for a title shot in near future.

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Robert Lek “accepted a challenge” for this fight in Patong and made short work of his Thai opponent with a 2nd round KO. First, Robert Lek scores a hard tip kick to the solar plexus of his opponent garnering an8-count. Robert Lek then moved in forcing the Thai into the corner and unloading with a vicious combination of punches till his opponent slumped to the floor and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

This was an important fight for Cyrus. Coming off a loss to Tonpet and rehabbing a knee injury, Cyrus was looking for a good performance and got excatly that with a 1dt round KO. Blocking well as Tonpet went after Cyrus’ injured leg, Cyrus unleashed an axe kick that nearly split Tonpet like a log right down the center. Cyrus continied his attack untol a jumping knee to the chest felled the veteran fighter that has a ton of heart. Tonpet takes on all challenges and surely there is a grudge match in the future for these two Muay thai warriors.

Cyrus scores KO with jumping knee strike

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