It was a TKO victory Monday night (Oct. 1st) for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand fighter Chanita “Chompoo” Tephussadin after a two year layoff from the sport.

Chompoo’s win was the 9th of her career – which includes 12 fights already. The 29 year-old Thai got started right out of the gate and mauled her opponent, Kookkai, with efficiency. She finished off Kookkair in the first round after a series of strong jabs and punches to the body.

The referee stopped the fight after Chompoo didn’t let up on Kookkai, who is also Thai. The win gave Chompoo a big boost to her confidence as she heads back to Bangkok for the time being.

“I did my best in the first round. I wanted to end it early, since I didn’t know how my cardio would be,” Chompoo said after the fight. “I needed to win fast. I have to train more and would love to have more fights.”

In other TMT fights, Hugo Gates of Australia went the distance in his first fight in Phuket but was unlucky against his Thai opponent, Jackgrid. He went for the clinch numerous times and landed a good amount of punches, but the judges scored the fight in Jackgrid’s favor.

Michael Pavandeh of Iran, in his third fight in Thailand, went into the third round against Fonloung limping from several kicks to his leading left leg. The Iranian kept strong, though, and pushed through by trying to come into Fonloung’s danger zone with punches but to no avail. The fight was called in the third round.