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TMT dominates “White Belt” Tournament in Bangkok


Tiger Muay Thai head instructor Ray Elbe and Asst. Instructor Andreas Hesselback took 10 fighters to Bangkok BJJ / Submission Grappling Gi and No Gi tournament on July 26, 2009 and finished the day with 12 medals dominating the tournament including 5 first place awards.!!!

Quick rundown
Gi division

60-65 kilos
1st place Ngoo Ditty

70-75 Kilos
1st. Jamie
2nd Kristofer

75-80 Kilos
1st. Bernueng (beat a Judo Black Belt, who is a member of the Thai National Judo team)
3rd Boyd

80-90 Kilos
2nd Nicholas

60-65 Kilos
1st Ngoo Ditty

70-75 Kilos

75-80 Kilos
2nd Bernueng
3rd Boyd

80-90 Kilos
1st Frank
2nd Nicholas

At the end of the tournament, Head Instructor Ray Elbe awarded Tiger Muay Thai and MMA trainer / fighter Ngoo Ditty his Blue Belt.

Congratulations to all the team members, Ray, Andreas and Ngoo.

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