Things just keep on getting better at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand. The camp is proud to announce it’s newest instructor, Fernando Maccachero, who has just arrived!

Maccachero, a 4th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Crezio de Souza, also holds a Brown Belt in Judo. He was hand picked by former UFC champion and Brazilian Top Team founder Murillo Bustamante to become BTT’s representative in Thailand as well as TMT.

“I’m very excited for this new project and to be working with a gym like Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand,” says the Rio de Janeiro native. “I know it’s the best Muay Thai in the world and I’m very proud to be part of this gym.”

Maccachero is only the latest top level talent to become part of TMT’s all-star team of instructors, joining recent additions Roger Huerta (formerly of the UFC) and the camp’s current MMA Head Coach Brian Ebersole (currently 5-1 in the UFC). Along with Wiktor Svensson (of One FC), Maccachero will instruct BJJ classes as well as boost the MMA program.

“It’s like the final piece of the puzzle. We are going to have the highest quality BJJ instruction in conjuction with our world class MMA and Muay Thai training,” says TMT’s director, Will Elliott.

Maccachero has instructed everyone from Special Police Forces in the United Arab Emirates to Army Special Forces and Military Police in Brazil as well as Sheriff’s departments in the United States. Maccachero was most recently an instructor in the US as a part of the Brazilian Top Team’s Fightclub academy.

“I think the students can expect me to teach them more technique. I’d love to improve on people’s technique, and create structure for them to grow,” Maccachero explains.

During his time at TMT, Maccachero hopes to promote certain students with belts and watch them grow in the sport of BJJ. It’s something that has become familiar for him since promoting about 15 Black Belts in Brazil.

“It’s very emotional for me to put the Black Belt for a guy. He’s part of your family then and it’s nice when you all this time with somebody and he gets to learn from you.”