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Tiger wins 6 loses 1 in over two nights in Patong


It was a great two nights of Muay Thai fights in Patong at Bangla and Patong Muay Thai stadium as Tiger Muay Thai and MMA fighters went 6-1 with 5 Ko’s and 1 points win, and one loss as Khanit fought 2 times in 3 days.
On February 5th, Yohan, Berneung, and Marco all scored KO’s at Bangla Stadium.Yohan scored a vicious knee strike, Berneubg and Marco used hand combinations to put their opponents on the canvas.

Berneung lands big right setting up Knock-out with combinations

On February 6, 2009 at Patong Muay Thai stadium, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA went 3-1 with Chantal defending her Patong Championship easily defeating Namwan. She will now be looking at a fight wih Lindsey from Raway; Morgan scoring a HUGE KO over a more experienced fighter land a stright right down the pipe that knocked out his opponent, and Ngoo winning a tough fight over five-rounds but tok the last to rounds on good conditioning.. Khanit lost for the fist time in 10 fights.

Chantal lands Muay Thai head Kick leading to KO

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