Tiger Muay Thai fighters Fahpratan (Thailand), Elliot (Australia) and Michael (U.K.) headlined the Muay Thai fight card at Phuket’s famous Patong Stadium as TMT fighters won 2 and lost 1 on August 25, 2008.

Patong Stadium Champion, Fahpratan scored a close decision over Bangkok women’s Muay Thai fighter with her tough clinch and power shots with her hands. Fahpratan sent her opponent to the canvas in the 3rd round for a standing 8-count winning the fight on points.

Michael, training at Tiger the last few months takes his first fight in Muay Thai against his opponet with 12 fights. Michael is still adjusting from a traditional Martial Arts stance to a Muay Thai stance, but keeps pressure on his opponent scoring with hard leg kicks aand a good left hook. Michael pins his opponent in the corner and lets looses a combination scoring with a big overhand right that puts KO’s the Thai fighter.

Elliot (Australia) returns to Tiger Muay Thai for his 2nd fight. Elliot faces a experienced opponent in Mohmai. Elliot looks great in the first3-rounds scoring well and showing good ring control. The more experienced Thai took the important 4th and 5th rounds to win the fight on points. Excellent fight !

Special Thanks to Alan Belcher UFC fighter training at Tiger Muay Thai for his next professional MMA fight in the UFC.