Mr. Undefeated and Mr. Knockout, Ritt and Daniel Kettely, as they are given fight names by Thailand’s #1 Muay Thai magazine and source for all info on the Muay Thai scene in Thailand.

The Tiger Muay Thai training camp fighters have produced amazing results in the ring over the last 3 months as Ritt has ripped off a 12-1 record scoring 9 KO’s, while Daniel has gone 5-0 and each of his fights has been against a more experienced Thai fighter.

Check out the articles below on Ritt and Daniel and look for each of the fighters in the ring in the next month to continue their domination in Muay Thai.

Daniel’s Article in Muay Siam Magazine

Tiger Muay Thai's Daniel Kettely in Muay Siam Magazine

Ritt’s article in Muay Siam Magazine

Ritt featured in Muay Siam Magazine

Ritt’s latest KO in Patong for Tiger Muay Thai.

Daniel Kettley’s last fight @ Patong Thai Boxing Stadium.