Pro Boxing Coach Paule MarchantTiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand welcomes Pro Boxing coach Paule Marchant for the next month (January-February).

Paule is a long-time patron of Tiger Muay Thai and will be spending the next month at TMT working in the Western Boxing Program along Charn Chok Chai and Sornpichai and our other World Champion Boxers.

Paule will also be giving (3) seminars while at TMT.

1. Beginners Boxing Seminar

2. Advanced Boxing Seminar

3. Boxing for MMA Seminar

Paule is one of the most respected boxing and Muay Thai coaches in U.K. with an impressive resume teaching World Champions in Boxing, K1, and MMA.

Peacock Boxing Gym >London Senior Coach last 7yrs
London Thai Fighters > Head Coach
London Shoot Fighters> MT/Boxing coach
Nemesis MT gym > Senior coach 3yrs
Cobra gym> boxing
Omac Gym , Bunbury Western Australia
Tiger MT 2006

Coached by Pro boxing Coach Alan Smith ‘ Maloney fight factory’
James Cooke MBE  boxing gym’
Mark Roe and loads more over the years.

MT- English,Dutch and thai coaches since late 90’s and still leaning!!

British Boxing Board of Control , reg pro boxing coach last 7yrs.

Paule has 30 years+ experience in the boxing game and will be an extreme asset to Tiger Muay Thai guests wanting quality training in Western Boxing.