Sawasdee TMT Guests,

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp is committed to offering a clean, healthy and safe gym for our guests to train.

Therefore, under advice from Doctors and experts on “community spread bacteria” TMT will no longer offer shared equipment for training for the safety of our guests. This includes sparring gloves, shin pads, and ankle guards.

TMT will be offering rental gear and equipment for short-term guests @ 100 baht day. Equipment will be returned each day and sanitized for re-use.

Guests interested in sparring will need bring their own gear or purchase/ rent 16oz gloves and shin pads. (All sparring sessions require 16oz gloves)

We are sorry for this inconvenience to guests on budget, but the health and safety of our guests comes first at TMT. Those guests not interested in sparring can use whatever weight /oz glove they prefer.

TMT cleans our camp 2 X daily with anti-bacterial soultion and 10:1 water/bleach solution including mats, canvas, rings, gloves, pads, bags and all equipment.

However, we need our guests help to prevent the spread of bacteria infections like staph. Doctors, experts, and recent relevent articles have suggested not allowing shared equipment at gym facilities to prevent spread of bacteria.

We also need guests cooperation in preventing spread of bacteria which 50% of all people carry on their skin. The bacteria only becomes infectious when it finds a way into the bloodstream through open cuts, abrasions, etc.

  1. Please shower immediately after training using anti-bacterial soap. (available in TMT office)
  2. Do not hang dirty / used shorts, hand-wraps, vests, t-shirts out to dry in sun without soaking and washing with a anti-bacterial solution “Dettol” (available in office and local stores) or a minimum 10:1 water/bleach solution, or have your items laundered daily. Many guests have several pair of shorts, hand-wraps, shirts/ vests/ rash-guards.
  3. Please wear a clean pair of hand-wraps, shorts, shirt to every training session.
  4. Please clean your equipment daily wiping down with anti-bacterial solution / bleach/water solution.
  5. Please cover all open wounds, cuts, bites, etc as this is the first way the bacteria spreads to your system through contact.
  6. Please respect other guests and TMT policy on not training if you have staph, ringworm, or other bacteria infection and seek medical attention immediately which can be cured with oral antibiotics and antibiotic creme.
  7. Wear sandals in shower, steam rooms, sauna as these are areas where bacteria can be present. Doctors have suggested you can also contract staph from food poisoning. (Be advised to be careful eating from Thai carts and undercooked food)

Please see following links for more information on Staph, MRSA, Ringworm, and other bacteria which have become common in gyms, daycares, health clubs, and even athletic teams, locker rooms, schools, and hospitals.

Learning about staph and prevention
Causes and symptoms
Basic Hygiene for prevention

Too many guests arriving from other camps around Thailand have been spotted arriving with what they believe to be “rash” or “bites” and misdiagnosed by local clinic which end up being diagnosed as staph.

Tiger Muay Thai will refuse guests with a bacteria infection the right to train, and will refuse new guests that have an infection until medically cleared.