Two Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Phuket Training Camp fighters cruised to victory on Thursday night, strutting their training and getting a handle on the competition.

Both Mikiali Freitas (2-0) and Siamand Barzani (4-0) kicked, elbowed, and punched their way to wins with Freitas earning a TKO victory in the final round against a fellow American opponent at Patong Boxing Stadium.

Freitas started the fight fast and furious with a barrage of punches to her opponent, Rachel’s, head and ended the first round with a swift kick to her foe’s gut. It wasn’t until the second round that Freitas sent her to the ground, which would be repeated again in the third.

“I landed a few good combinations on her and she just kept coming,” The 26-year-old Hawaii native said after the fight, “She was a tough girl.”

The referee stopped the fight in the middle of the fifth round after Freitas’ continued assault on her opponent’s right leg.

“I just tried to hold my own and pick her apart a bit,” Freitas said, “I knew I hurt her so I just kept attacking that right leg and sure enough we got a stoppage on that.”

In the men’s bout, Swedish international Siamand Barzani went the distance with his Australian foe, Finlay (2-2), winning by unanimous decision.

Though the crowd of mostly Australian tourists made it seem like an away bout, Barcani pushed through and out-kicked his opponent with tactical precision. By the end of the third round, both men were landing devastating knee shots to the other’s torso, with Bazani taking some heavy handed punches to the head.

But Barzani bounced back in the later rounds, dishing out heavy kicks and eventually quieting the crowd.

“Every fight for me is a learning experience,” the Stockholm native said, “I know from the beginning he wasn’t going to quit, I saw that he was a fighter with a heart.”