bangla-friday-13th-2009Tiger Muay Thai will be headlining the card at Bangla stadium on November 13, 2009 as TMT puts on 3 Muay Thai fights and an MMA fight.

The main event with 9X defending Rajadamnern Champion Tiger Muay Thai fighter / trainer.

Alex (U.K) makes his Muay Thai debut.

JoJo attempts to keep his winning streak alive.

The main event will be a MMA fight under Thailand’s “Muay Chaiya” rules between Josh (USA) vs Wiktor (Sweden)

Please see the Tiger Muay Thai office for discount tickets and transportation.

Don’t forget tonights after party at Pin-Up Girls Bar in Kata.

TMT will be offering transportation from Patong to Kata after the fight for all those interested in joing the after fight party sponsored by PIN-UP GIRLS BAR in Kata.