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Tiger Muay Thai goes 2-1 @ Bangla Stadium; Cyrus and Orono score Ko’s


cyrus-1-2009Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters, Phuket, Thailand went 2-1 @ Bangla Muay Thai stadium in Patong on May 7, 2009.

Cyrus Washington, making his return to Tiger Muay Thai scored a 2nd round KO over Jumbo-a using his mix of Tae kwon Do / Jeet Koon Do / Muay Thai.

Cyrus is in training for nest seasons Muay Thai contender Asia tryouts.

Orono, in his first fight for Tiger Muay Thai, took on tough veteran fighter Michi.

orono-1-2009 While Michi has the heart of a lion and never backs down from a quality opponent, the legend, Orono, was too much for as Orono scored a 3rd round KO.

Orono will be fightinging on international television and Bangkok TV 7 on next week representing Tiger Muay Thai.

veronika-1-2009Veronika took on one of Rawai’s best fighters in Nam Wan. In an exciting fight, Veronika lost a decision to Nam Wan over 5-rounds.

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