muay-thai-fight-card-april-17-2009Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training camp, Phuket, Thailand fighters went 2-0 at Bangla Muay Thai Stadium in Patong on the evening of April 17 2009.

Allison, prepared with VIP training for the last month for her first fight and won a hard fought fight over five-rounds with veteran Women’s Muay Thai fighter Hongyok fighting out of Patong.

Rattanachai started to build a winning streak with his 2nd win-in-a-row, a 4th round KO over veteran Muay Thai fighter Inipo from Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

Tiger Muay Thai will be putting 4 fighters on the card for the grand opening of the newly rebuilt Bangla Muay Thai Stadium on April 21, 2009.