Tiger Muay Thai and and MMA fighters went a perfect 6-0 over three nights in Patong, Phuket, Thailand in Thai Boxing fights on June 15,20, and 22, 2010.

On June 15, Adnan (Norway) and Ritt (TMT trainer) went 2-0 with 2 Kos in the 2nd round. Ritt cintinues his amazing run of Ko’s and hardcore fights scoring 8 Ko’s in last 10 fights and Adnan won his first fight in Muay Thai with a KO.

On June 20, it was Rodrego and Phalangphet’s turn to step into the Thai boxing ring as both scored wins as Rodrego goes 2-0 with his 2nd KO and Phalangphet continues to develop into a strong young Muay Thai fighter as he outclasses his opponent with strong technique.

On June 22, it was return guest Woody’s turn Jimmy (3-0) stepping in the Muay Thai ring and coming out victorious with a pair of Ko’s maling TMT 6-0 over three nights with 5 Ko’s and 1 points win.