Wednesday night saw Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand fighter Marcel Gaines’ third win in a row in Thailand at Bangla Boxing Stadium.

The 28 year-old knocked out his Thai opponent, Bamboo, with a perfectly placed right uppercut in the second round of the bout.

“I was trying to setup a head kick and saw that he kept his hands down when I threw my combinations,” Gaines’ said after the fight.

The first round saw the South African throw down Bamboo about four times, each time coming from the clinch. Bamboo eased up in the second round when Gaines’ was finally able to land more punch combinations.

The win (view the fight here) is also the first knockout of Gaines’ career, despite a leg injury that nearly put him out of the bout earlier this week.

“My right leg was hurting I hurt it last week,” he said, “but when [Bamboo] was hitting me I thought, ‘it can’t get worse than this’ and I went all in.”

Also on Thursday night, TMT fighter Mikiala Freitas of the USA lost a tough bout against Justine S. The fight went all five rounds as Justine won by decision.

TMT Fighter Ploydang also lost his bout against Chalee by decision.