Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters went an outstanding 9-1 over the last 3 nights in Patong, Phuket Thailand racking up 6 wins by KO and 1 loss.

On October 5, 2009 at Patong Thai Boxing Stadium:

fasu-chon-oct-5-2009Simon continued his winning streak to seven fights as he took out his muaythai opponent with a knee strike ending the fight in the 2nd round.

Simon scores a wicked front kick to the face that drops his opponent just a minute before he scores his KO.

fasu-2Fasu-chon wins his muaythai fight @ Patong Thai boxing stadium with a 4th round KO in a fight he dominated until referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

Fasu-chon repeatedly Theep” kicked his opponent, who was in outstanding condition. Fasu-chon would kick then move in and throw a hard combination then step back and repeat his tactic wearing down his Thai Boxing opponent for the 4th round TKO.

tom-oct-5-2009Tom made quick work of his Thai opponent ending the fight in the first round with a vicious elbow that dropped his Thai boxing opponent to the mat for the count scoring the 1st round KO.

Tom gave up experience in this fight but made up for it with good technique and attacking strong.

On October 6, 2009 @ Patong Boxing stadium Tiger Muay Thai took half the fight card with 4 fighters.

jordanJordan won his fight by a 4th round KO going toe-to-toe with his more experienced Thai opponent.

Jordan was strong in the ring and showed good technique mixing his attacks going high then low and throwing some great combinations including the hard uppercut in the picture here.

Malik scored the “KO of the evening” as he took on a Rawai fighter and knocked him out in 30 second of the first round.

malikMalik came out and put his training to the test scoring with a hard left then a kick to the head and then a body kick that sent his Thai boxing opponent to the mat.

Rawai’s cornermen screamed for their fighter to get up, but Malik put him straight back down on the canvas for the count with a combo for the 1st round KO.

ritt-oct-6-2009Ritt got back on the winning track with a 2nd round KO using a perfect strategy against his opponent. Ritt knew he had a speed advantage and attacked his opponents weakest spot: his legs.

Using a series of “my legs are harder than yours” low leg kicks, Ritt TKO’ed his Thai boxing opponent in the 2nd round.

dylanDylan suffered the lone loss of the evening but under tough circumstances. originally supposed to fight a Thai in his weight division, his opponent from another gym came in at 100+ kg and the promoter changed Dylan’s opponent at last minute.

Dylan accepted the fight knowing he was facing a tough Muay thai fighter with a lot of experience. Dylan showed heart and stood strong but went down in the 2nd. He deserved a better fight.

Thanks to all the Tiger Muay Thai and training camp guests that came and cheered on our fighters.

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