Tiger Muay Thai: Going all the Way in Patong

It was a fight to the finish thanks to three Tiger Muay Thai fights that went to decisions tonight at Patong Stadium.

First up was Tiger Pro fighter Tracy Lockwood whose fight just happened to fall on the anniversary of her very first professional fight three years ago tonight. It was also lucky fight number 25.

“I remember being so excited that night,” said the New Zealander who came to Thailand four years ago. “I didn’t know what to expect, but managed to win it by points.”

Her strategy going into tonight’s fight was quality, not quantity. Having beaten her opponent, Canadian Lindsey Hofstrand, by knock out mere months ago, Lockwood’s plan was to “put her to sleep.”

When all was said and done, Lockwood managed the win pushing her stats to 25-8, but wasn’t very happy with her performance.

“I could have done better. I will do better,” lamented the fighter post-victory. “The plan now is to cut weight and do lots of running!”

Next on the line was Danny Juskus of Gloucester, England. This was his second fight after having won by TKO in the third at Bangla a couple of months ago.

The 24 year-old barista went into his fight feeling confident after three months of training at TMT.

“The trainers here are incredible. I’ve been passionate about martial arts for a long time and this experience has just taken things to another level.”

His plan going into the fight was to pace himself and use his strong boxing skills to his advantage. It worked and, after a small celebration tonight, he plans on staying at TMT for another five to six months to improve his skills.

Last but certainly not least, was US Navy E-6 Walter Atkinson. Fresh off his latest deployment in Afghanistan, this Californian came to TMT to get in better shape before hitting his home gym.

Having primarily grappled in the past, this was his first Muay Thai fight and, more than winning, his goal was to impress.

“I want to have a fight that the Thai people can appreciate. To me it’s about being respectful.”

After battling it out to the end, he was very happy with his experience, but had only two things on his mind – getting home to his fiancee Monica who he last saw in September of 2010, and eating homemade tacos.

Article written by Natasha Horrelt