nazee-elbow-april-19-2010 Tiger Muay Thai KOIt was a 2-1 record for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand fighters in Patong as Watt and Nazee both shortened the evening with 1st round KO’s with Nazee scoring a particular nasty and bloody KO by elbow.

Cyrus Washington-vs-nakradum Thai Boxing Tiger Muay ThaiIn the evenings main event, Cyrus lost a close decision to Nakradum. Cyrus fought Nakradum several months ago losing a close fight on points.

In what looked to be a extremely close fight that didn’t have much clinch work, Cyrus seemed to be on the edge of winning after coming on strong in the 5th round, but the referee cut short the 5th round awarding Narkradum the win on points. You should probably expect a rematch!!