When asked to describe his fight at Bangla Stadium last night, Patrick Schmid doesn’t mince words. “I came, I saw, I won.”
The TMT guest fighter from Denmark has been competing for over six years primarily in Sanda Chinese Boxing and was happy to see some stiff competition in the ring.

“I saw that he was much bigger than me so I had to move a lot,” explains Schmid, whose last two fights ended in first round knockouts against smaller opponents. “In the end I was just faster. In the second I used my elbows and cut him open so they stopped the fight.”

TMT fighter Ty Kelly of Australia found himself in a much different situation. After an intense five rounds involving many heavy leg kicks, he lost to a decision.

While Kelly returns to the Sunshine Coast in January, Schmid has no plans on leaving.

“I’ll fight until they stop giving me fights.”

Article by Natasha Horrelt