Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand would like to welcome Dalia Hosney as the newest member of Team TMT. many of you may recognize Dalia as she has fought and trained at several camps in Phuket and Bangkok.

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA was surprised when Dalia wanted to be a part of Team TMT and welcomed her to the camp and the sponsored fighter program.

Dalia will be training in the advanced ring with other advanced fighters and trainers and to be sure she has her work cut out for her as TMT will be booking her fights worldwide.

Her first fight for Tiger Muay Thai will be the Miss Muay thai Tournament held at the Queens Cup in bangkok, thailand and one of the most prestigious Muay Thai events in Thailand.

So if you are around the camp, be sure to say hello to dalia and make her feel welcome to her new team and training camp.