martialcombat1In association with ESPN Asia and 5 other Asian gyms and World Resorts casino, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, Phuket, Thailand announces it has become one of the founding members of the new Asian Mixed Martial Arts Federation “Martial Combat” which will be featured on ESPN Asia to more than 300 Million homes.

Team Tiger MMA led by head coach Ray Elbe and other team fighters like Wiktor Svensson, Andreas Hesselback, Ngoo Ditty, Jason Saggo and several others will be featured in fights broadcast on ESPN Asia starting this summer.

All the fights will be held in Singapore at World Resorts Casino and each event will feature fighters from around the world and from the founding members gyms from Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Singapore and South Korea.

Keep in tune with Tiger Muay Thai news for upcoming match-ups and fight dates.

Check out the Federation website at