It has been an exciting run for Tiger Muay Thai and MMA fighters going 7-1 over the last 3 nights in Patong on November 13, 16, and 17, 2009.

On November 13, Alex scored a 2nd round KO by elbow strikes over his Thai opponent.

Check out Alex’s Muay Thai fight KO by Elbow

Singmanee defended his Bangla Muay Thai Championship with a win on points over former Lumpinee Champion Khomkaew from Bangkok. Video: Singmanee defends Muay Thai championship

In the featured fight of the evening Wiktor (Sweden) beat Josh (USA) in an MMA fight (under Thailand’s Muay Chaiya Rules). This was one of he most exciting fights ever at Bangla Stadium as the entire crowd were on their fight for all 3-round screaming and cheering to the promoters surprise. Wiktor took Josh’s back in the 3rd round after two great back and forth rounds in first and second. Wiktor reined down blows until Josh was forced to tap. Great fight. Check it out: MMA FIGHT

On November 16, 2009 TMT wemt 2-1 @ Patong Muay Thai Stadium. Claire preparing for her title defense at the King’s Cup won her fight with a 3rd round KO over her Thai opponent. Claire’s Muay Thai Fight

Ricky continued his development and win streal with a 2nd round KO over his Thai opponent, while up and coming young Muay Thai fighter JoJo lost his fight on points.

Last night it was Daniel scoring a win over 5 grueling rounds as he shows his conditioning beating his opponent on points.

Ritt has earned a new nickname, Ritt “Left Hook” Tiger Muay Thai as Ritt runs his win streak again to 7 fights with a 2nd round left hook KO.

Photos @ for all Tiger Muay thai and MMA training camp fights.