It was an exciting night of fights @ Patong Thai Boxing Stadium in Phuket, Thailand as Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp fighters went 3-1 on the evening.

tmt_5529Haider and Mark both scored KO’s in their fights. Haider moves to 8-1(Thai Boxing record) showing his toughness as was cut badly requiring 16 stitches but fought on and Ko’ed his opponet in the 4th round.

Mark, in his first fight for Tiger Muay Thai won by knockout in the 3rd round showing excellent technique and conditioning against his more experienced Thai boxing opponent.

tmt_5664Fasuchon went to war over 5-rounds and dominated his younger opponent using his experience and a variety of kicks to win over 5-rounds.

Tanwa lost a decision over 5-rounds in a great Muay Thai fight showing excellent technique and conditioning by both fighters.