Congratulations to Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand alumni Yasubey Enomoto. After impressively defeating former ADCC Champion Sanae Kikuta at SRC 13 he earned a spot in the prestigious Sengoku Welterweight Tournament.
Leading up to the Sengoku 14 bout, Yasubey’s opponent Kenta Takagi guaranteed a first minute KO during the press conference.
After winning the first round of the fight, Yasubey locked on a “bulldog” choke for the submission victory when Kenta attempted a spinning backfist.

The other side of the tournament bracket saw Japanese sensation Taisuke Okung KO, UFC and Strikeforce veteran Nick “THE GOAT” Thompson.
Yasubey will be back at the next Sengoku event to face Taisuke Okung in the finals for their tournament championship belt. Congratulations to the Enomoto’s. Yasubey’s older brother Felipe won his Japanese debut earlier this month for the Pancrase promotion. Look for both of these brothers to be back at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA soon.