The recent Australian Fighting Championship in Brisbane Australia was originally suppose to showcase 4 different Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket Alumni, however a last minute injury to Brayden Summer’s opponent left him without a fight. Brayden put in a tough 9 week training camp and dieted down from 85 kilos to make the contracted weight of 70.

After promoting the event as his return to the Ozzie MMA scene it was disappointing the promoter was unable to find a suitable replacement.

Other TMT Alumnus Leigh Allwood Scored an early KO over the previous undefeated Supi Lanumata to even his professional MMA record at 3 wins and 3 losses. While UFC Ultimate Fighter 9 Veteran Richie Whitson who fought professional Muay Thai in Thailand for team Tiger Muay Thai also scored a devastating KO when he landed his powerful right hand halfway through the first round crushing Masaya Doi for the win.

The final fighter representing Tiger Muay Thai and MMA on the fight card was BJJ Brown Belt and Martial Combat veteran Ross “Da Bandit” Dallow.

Ross faced UFC Vet Jeremy May in a bout that ended in controversy. After being cleared by the cageside inspector, Dallow entered into the cage and received final-fight instructions from UFC 110 ref Steve Perceval who was the referee incharge of action. Following a back and fourth first round during, May was unable to answer the bell to start round 2.

Complaining of vision problems, Ref Steve Perceval disqualified Ross Dallow for having a “claimed” illegal substance on his body it had a noticeable odor. Despite the fact the cageside inspector examined Dallow’s body pre-fight, and that the odor went un-detected during the final instructions given by the supervising official, the bout was stopped giving May the win via DQ.

Ross Dallow a fighter who has faced UFC vet Anthony Perosh and Shooto Legend Sam Nest (2x) is actively pursuing all avenues to have the bout result changed to a No Contest and is hopeful for an immediate rematch against the American Jeremy May.