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Tiger Muay Thai 2019 Fight Team Tryouts

Tiger Muay Thai 2019 Fight Team Tryouts

The Application period for TMT Tryouts 2019 have ended!

Please note: The last day to send in your application was April 15th! Successful applicants who will go on to become Tryouts contenders will receive an email on May 1st.

Information about the Tryouts

If you are selected by our staff for invitation to tryouts, you will contacted via your email address provided in your application materials. During the tryout period all athletes will be tested on their stand up striking ability, grappling, conditioning, and character.

Please prepare yourself for extremely strenuous conditions during this tryout period.

You will and are being evaluated in all areas of your physical and mental toughness. You will be constantly evaluated during the tryout period, and at the conclusion of the tryout period the coaches will announce the winners.

Details on the daily itinerary, what to bring, etc. will be explained further after invitations are issued to selected attendees.