As sweat and fat drip from our guests and muscle is gained, you can see right away that Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp is far from just a fight camp. In preparation to becoming a better you, Tiger has some of the best fitness coaches who will help transform you in to the person you want to be.

Being at Tiger for over six years, Chainarong Reungjaristearn AKA “Peter “Thai Hulk” is still a constant presence at TMT with his inviting smile and friendly attitude towards clients, fighters, athletes, and everyone in between. “I love this job because fitness is my life,” said Peter.

As a personal trainer, Peter works around the clock helping his clients reach their fitness goals using traditional weight lifting routines. Peter, a professional bodybuilder, competes in different parts of Thailand against top competition from around the world.

Celebrity fitness instructor, Ocean Bloom, is known worldwide for being an exceptionally versatile athlete as she has earned professional titles in fitness, figure, fitness model and muscle modeling.

Working as a fitness life coach she has traveled the world sharing her knowledge of the integration of fitness, nutrition, meditation and behavioral changes needed to keep her clients empowered enough to define and reach their personal goals, both physical and psychological.

Bloom’s passions, include nearly 25 years of experience in theater, film, dance, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, and over 12 years as a fitness competitor and model.

Another one of our elite fitness coaches, Jenna Barnard runs the bodyfit and cross-training classes at Tiger Muay Thai. Barnard’s great sense of humor and positive energy is what helps her create such a strong connection with guests at Tiger.

“Health and fitness is not just physical , more than anything it’s mental,” said Barnard. “Discipline, confidence, self-belief, the want for more; exercise isn’t just strengthening your body, it strengthens your mind. Your body achieves what your mind believes.”

Our newest addition to the fitness staff is Aurore Lz. Lz is a fitness inspiration to thousands all over the world and an Instagram celebrity. Lz is another one of Tiger’s bodyfit and cross-training coaches. Lz has competed in numerous body building competitions in Europe before coming to Tiger.

Lz has also spent her time at TMT as a guest and a Muay Thai fighter, going 4-0 professionally, before becoming one of the current fitness coaches.

It doesn’t matter what level I am at. I will always just strive to get better,” said Lz.

“I love teaching people because I can share with them my experience as a former unhealthy person and help them get into a fitter life and lifestyle. Being fit is not only about looking good but mostly about feeling good.”

If you are looking to becoming a better you, come join us at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. All our coaches are supportive and will help you reach you goals. Trainers are also available for group and private lessons.