Call it the fight of the night. Even the promoters at Rajadamnoen would have been impresses, Lumpinee even. Robert Lek lost by elbow KO in the fight of the night taking on former rajadamnoen Champion with the odds against him and put on the show of the evening. Cut over the eye, and going blow for blow with the Bangkok stadium contender, Robert lek even almost won by Ko dropping the former champion. Exciting Muay Thai fight as Robert lek shows his skills moving up the ranks against a superior fighter.

Caden continued his unbeaten streak taking on the more experienced and mcu heavier, but clearly out of shape fighter, and caden did exactly what he should have done and Ko’ed the Phi Phi island fighter in the first round.

Nazee’s cousin, Sonn returned to TMT and under Nazee’s guidance scored a KO win looking better and better as a young Muay Thai fighter in what the oddsmakers calleed a 50-50 fight.

All in all in t was an exciting time for TMT guests visiting PHI PHI Island, doing some diving and swimming on the beautiful beaches and checking out the island scene. Special Thanks to Guest Relations manager, Samai, and tour assistant, Jeab for going along and taking care of the geusts.

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