It was a terrible night for anyone facing a Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp in Phuket, Thailand fighter on Monday night (May 21st). Two New Zealanders and an Englishman won in impressive fashion at Patong Stadium, all of them sending their opponents to the mat on their way to victory in the third round.

In only his second Muay Thai fight, 17-year-old Hirini Marshall of New Zealand was looking to come away with another KO victory against 26-year-old Thai national Harnsuk. (See the fight here)

“I knew what I was getting into this time. I just took my time and paced myself and listened to my corner for this fight,” Marshall said.

Early in the fight, Marshall was sent to the ground following a vicious leg sweep that hurt his left leg, forcing him to hide it for the rest of the fight. He picked himself up and traded blows to the body and head for the rest of the first round.

He took the upper hand in the second round with a series of punch and kick combos, each ending with an uppercut. Marshall paced himself throughout the fight and began the third round with a barrage of punches and sent his opponent to the ground with several low kicks. But it wasn’t until he clinched and gave three devastating knees to Harnsuk’s face that gave him his second KO victory in a row.

“When I went back to my corner, they said to get him in the clinch and push my knee to his head,” Marshall said after the fight, “I just listened to my conrer and I knocked him out.”

Danny Juskus, of Gloucestershire, England, made his 5th Muay Thai appearance Monday night. Juskus showed moments of maturity while picking his spots and landing frequent punch and knee combinations early. He wore down his thai opponent, Seskaew, even though the two kept giving each other heavy kicks.

“I just thought ‘next time he kicks me, just grab that leg like in training,’ and I followed it up with a body shot he didn’t expect,” Juskus said.

Juskus ended the fight in the third round after giving a right punch to Seskaew’s gut, sending him to the mat. (See the fight here)

The night was rounded out with the Muay Thai debut of Luke Oakes squaring off against Nongbear of Thailand. The New Zealander, from Christ Church, threw a hail of haymakers as soon as the opening bell rung.

“I just wanted to rush [Nongbear] and try to get it over with as fast as I could. I didn’t want to leave it in the hands of the judges,” Oakes said, after he ended the fight in the third with a punch to Nongbear’s head. (See his fight here).