Vidar Moe is 31 years-old from Norway and is the Head Instructor of Kickboxing at a folk high school in Norway called Skogn folkehøgskole which he started three years ago. He has a Bachelor and Master Education in Sports and Physical Education. He also has a book/ science project published: The Effect of Stretching on Muscle Force Production in Hamstring Muscles.

Vidar has been training kickboxing for twelve years. He has fourteen national medals and six international medals. Vidar is a three time heavyweight Norwegian Cup Champion with his last fight being in October when he won another championship title.

The school that he works for is sort of a bus-stop between high school and university, based on the students hobbies and specialties. It is a one year study and you have to be at least 18 years old to participate as a student.

Each year he takes his class to a study trip in Thailand. Last year was their first time at TMT they very pleased with the camp so sixteen students have returned this year. Good service, trainers and training facilities made this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tiger’s exposure on the series, Norway’s Best Fighter also buoyed their decision to make TMT their camp of choice.

Many of his students fought in national championships in kickboxing. Last September of this two of his students took a silver and a bronze medal. He has 16 students with him this time. WELCOME!