Thai Fight : King Of Muay Thai returns to Phuket on the 21st this month, and Tiger Muay Thai have 3 fighters on the card!

– Current Omnoi stadium champion Amir Naseri – Muay Thai Fighter will be facing former Rajadamnern stadium champion Petchsamui 🇹🇭 in the final of the 67kg King’s Cup tournament.
– TMT Tryouts 2019 contender Tofik AbdullaYev faces the legendary Saenchai in the final of the 70kg King’s Cup tournament.
– Hard punching Mavlud Tifiyev will fight Samingdej under Kard Chuek (no gloves, hands wrapped with rope) rules.

To go and support our fighters and enjoy a great night of fights, you can buy tickets from here at camp. 1,500 baht will get you tickets, transportation to and from the event, plus a special limited edition polo shirt!