aow-11-andreasTeam Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket clawed it’s way to a 1-1-1 mark at Art of War 11: The real deal in Beijing, China on March 28, 2009.

MMA Phuket’s three fighters put on a great event at China’s premier MMA fighting event.  Art Of War 11 : The Real Deal featured a team of Chinese Mixed Martial artists against fighters from around the world including MMA Phuket’s Andreas Hesslebeck, Marko Huusansaari, and Berneung Sakhomsin.

Andreas faced-off against a tough opponent in Chinese fighter, Wu Haotian. The two warriors battled back and forth and looked like Andreas was close to victory near 5-minute mark when he scored 3 foot stomps to the face of Haotian, but the referee seeing the fighters near the ropes (No Cage), moved the action to the center of the ring allowing Haitian to recover and caught Andreas in a rear-naked choke at the 6-minute mark for the win. many thought this was one of the best fights of the night

Ar of War 11-markoMarko pulled out an impressive submission wn with a  guillotine choke eight-minutes into the first round against Chinese new comer Liu Guo Quan. Marko cross trained hard for 2-months preparing for the fight with the MMA and Muay Thai programs at Tiger Muay Thai.

The main-event was advertised by rt of War as Muay Thai versus Kung-Fu and Thailand versus China, as Berneung Sakhomsin ( WMC World Muay Thai Champion in only his 2nd MMA fight) went up against one the Chinese best, Chinese Kung-Fu artist Dai Shuang Hai. aow-11-berneungIt was a pitched battle that saw Berneung use his clinch skills in a stand-up fight not even throwing a kick, and not allowing the Chins wrestler to get his ground game going. In the end, after one-10 minute round and one five-minute round, the fight is declared a draw. But you could consider this a win for the rising Thai MMA fighter Berneung as he took on one of China’s best MMA fighters to the distance.