Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp’s MMA Sponsored Fighter Shay Walsh will be fighting on August 2, 2014 on BAMMA Fight Night in Liverpool England, vs. the 12-8 James Saville.

Shay Walsh is one of the 5 TMT MMA Scholars. He has been a Professional Fighter for 5 years with a record of 10-3.

Before Tiger Muay Thai, Shay trained at Lancaster and Morecambe MMA; He found out about the TMT MMA Tryouts from YouTube.

” I watched the tryout videos on YouTube from the previous year and some friends that visited Tiger earlier in the year had said it was happening again.”

Shay then got the invitation from TMT to join the 2014 TMT MMA Tryouts last April of 2014.

” The tryouts were very tough, We had a number of hard sessions and everyone was glad when it was over. I felt brilliant when I got accepted as all the hard work paid off.”

Shay’s passion in life is MMA. “My days are dedicated to Mixed Martial Arts and when I’m not training, I just enjoy eating and relaxing with my fiance and friends.”

According to Shay, he likes the fact that Tiger Muay Thai hosts a number of impressive fighters from all over the world.

” Compared to my training camp back home, the main difference of TMT is the amount of good sparring partners with all different styles, shapes and sizes. I like everything about this place. People are friendly, the training and training partners are quaility. TMT has a packed training timetable and the beach is just a couple of minutes drive away and good to go to in between training sessions.”

Shay’s schedule consists of 2 classes a day, 6 days a week for pre-fight training.

And before a fight… ” I get nervous before the fight but as soon as the fight starts those feelings go away. If I win I feel great and that all the hard work was worth it. If I lose I’m upset because of all the time and effort I’ve put in.”

Shay has a number of accomplishments as a fighter as he is the Sprawl and Brawl Featherweight Champion. He also won the Best UK MMA Fight of 2012. He hopes to be in UFC and be recognized as the one of the Top UK MMA Fighters.

He is also inspired by the best MMA fighters in the world and the support of family and friends. ” I’d like to thank my brother Sergio and everyone at my club in England. Everyone at Tiger for the opportunity and the friendly welcome and my sponsors, Prestige Male Grooming Salon, Freedom Mobility, Do Warehouse and Bridges and Co Financial Advisors.”

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