singairAs Muay Thai training becomes more popular throughout the world, Tiger Muay thai and MMA training camp continues to be approached by Magazines and Television and Cable Stations throughout the world to talk about the world class training available at the camp in Phuket, Thailand including in flight Magazines on Singapore Airlines and Silk Air.

The magazines reps did a full spread photo feature on TMT as Thailand’s #1 training facility on island of Phuket, Thailand.

“I found out about Tiger Muay Thai in Singapore and with such a short flight to Thailand wanted to experience Tiger Muay Thai firsthand at the camp with the Thai trainers and the intense atmosphere,” said Tran.

silkairTiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp wishes to thank Singapore Airlines and Silk Airline which both offer daily flights to Phuket, Thailand.

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA can arrange for taxi to meet you on arrival and bring you to the camp on the south side of the island near some of the best beaches as well.